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  1. Bereavement 

  2. Separation

  3. Anxiety

  4. Eating Disorders

  5. Depression

  6. Self-Harm

  7. Infertility Issues 

  8. Counselling Students

  9. Other Issues


















Your First Counselling Session and what to expect.




I work out a time that will suit the client, it may be day or evening time weekdays. You will be made welcome, and for those who are nervous, there is no need to be. I am trained and experienced, but still a very ordinary human being, and sessions may be serious but often there is laughter and an easiness in our communications.  You will be telling me about yourself, why you have come at this time,  what your issue or issues are, and we will talk them through.   I will put you at your ease and answer questions you may wish to ask.


Most people who have done a course of sessions which have been agreed on, find a weight off their shoulders, find life issues easier to cope with, and find it easier to move on in their lives in a way that satisfies them and that they have wanted.







Counselling helps clients to look at and start to deal with whatever issues they bring to the counsellor.



It provides an opportunity to look at their lives and perhaps untangle confusions - talking things through with a trained person who is anonymous, who is non-judgmental and experienced in listening carefully and sometimes hearing what is under what is being said, and bringing it to light.  The client always knows his/her solution, just needs help in searching it out and facing it.


A course of counselling may take some weeks, sometimes some months, and with really deep problems, a year or two. It is always for the client to decide how far they are ready to go. Sessions are generally weekly, and last 50 minutes. 


My fee is 6O Euros, this is negotiable for people in any sort of financial difficulty. I work with most of the issues that are out there. 






Counselling In D12/D7

Flexible rates and hours.

Contact me at 087 7615731




"The force that through the green fuse drives the flower, drives my green age."  Dylan Thomas

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